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Don't give germes a chance

Innovative germ-filter

  • by innovative metal-platings
  • Physico-catalytic operating principle
  • Simple and effective

The applications

The innovative ae-aqua filters are used in industrial as well as commercial and private applications. It's always about fighting the contamination of liquids through germs.

The operating principle

The operating principle is not based on the emission of materials (especially metal ions), but on the formation of a micro-electrical field between two applied precious metal coatings. The coatings, in conjunction with water, act as a physical contact catalyst, the surface coating of which develops free radicals in situ, i.e. during the reaction process. These radicals disintegrate on reacting to water. Nevertheless, this product comes under the new EU biocidal regulation (VO 528/2012).

The solution – sustainable and environmentally friendly

The contact catalyst, in the interaction with a cellular mass (e.g. bacteria), lead to cell lysis, to the damaging or dissolution of the outer cell membrane of that species. What is left behind is dead biomass.