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Don't give germes a chance


Industrial process fluids

In industrial applications, the antimicrobial ae-aqua filters are generally integrated in process circuits largely cleaned before. The decision whether to install in bypass or in the main stream, which effective surface to introduce into the circuit and the perfusion parameters to be set must be determined individually for each customer. Depending on the type of process fluid at hand, special attention must be paid to prior and sometimes even post filtration. Specially designed ae-aqua systems ensure that the necessary parameters are determined and adhered to.

Germ control with ae-aqua filter requires a preferably largely particle-free flow through the antimicrobial surface of the filter fabric.

Cooling and rinsing water circuits are therefore predestined applications in various sectors.

  • In electroplating ae-aqua rings or modules are used to fight the germ load in rinse water or to prevent the contamination of certain chemical solutions through germs
  • In mechanical engineering, coolants in servo drives, laser cooling systems, fuel cells or in closed cooling circuits, for example, in injection moulding operations, are effectively treated by ae-aqua-rings.
  • In apparatus engineering, ae-aqua-rings are also used in medical equipment, where it is important that drinking water stays drinking water.
  • The range of applications is constantly expanding. If careful particle filtration and process maintenance is ensured, application in the area of coolants is also possible. The risk of harmful dermatological effects on the personnel operating the equipment is significantly reduced.

In practice, both fixed installations and mobile systems are used. The mobile-ae aqua systems can initially be used on a rental basis, and if you wish, acquired later. This is a mobile, flexibly designed germ-fighting module which features, besides an autonomous controlled pump unit, also an integrated pre-filter and ae-aqua filter. In the 5qm module, the ae-aqua filter can be switched on / off in a modular way.

Other applications

ae-aqua filters in:

  • Heating and water circuits or individual components thereof, e.g. filter units, tap aerators of taps or shower heads, shower hoses
  • Prevention of germination and germ reduction in liquids, or preservation of the microbial quality with introduction of ae-aqua rings in pump or spray bottles and other containers
  • Prevention of retrograde germination of hoses/lines through targeted introduction of ae-aqua rings


  • Safe antimicrobial effect with contact with all aqueous process fluids, also with high sulphur or chloride content
  • Reduction of germ load without introducing further chemical impurities into the process fluid
  • No known formations or resistance
  • Increase in service life for the used liquids
  • Easy retrofitting of existing systems (drop-in or bypass)
  • Reduction of expenditures for service and maintenance
  • Reduction of problematic wastes and their disposal


Laser cooling circuit

With 60 l circulation volume.


Screen basket module

For open circuits of up to 8 m³.


10“ ae-aqua germ filter

With internal filter for the assembly in the module or in the bypass with fixed installation.


ae-aqua filter T2-70

For industrial applications in cooling or rinsing circuits. Simply placed in the tank. ae-aqua mesh made from high-grade alloy steel.


Module 1 m³

Test module for the use in open or closed circuits of up to 1 m³.
Requires only the connection of flow and return hose as well as an electric power supply of 240 V.


10“ ae-aqua hybrid filter

Consists of 5" particle filter and 5" ae-aqua germ filter.

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.