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Wire and wire-mesh plating


Guiding principles for corporate policy

  • As the leading manufacturer, Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff GmbH & Co. KG delivers special wires of the highest quality for problem solutions in electronics, photovoltaics & light technology.
  • In the production and worldwide marketing of our products, we aim to be the innovative leader in wire surface finishing, also for special materials.
  • We want to achieve sustainable economic success while at the same time adequately considering the interest of quality, energy, environmental and industrial protection management.
  • We strive to minimise the consumption of raw materials, energy and water. We are additionally obligated to the assessment, supervision and reduction of environmentally relevant effects as well as the prevention or minimisation of emissions, waste, wastewater and noise on the one hand and injuries and illnesses on the other.
  • Beyond adherence to relevant standards, restrictions and legal requirements, we are also concerned about the constant improvement of the quality of our products and services as well as the environmental, energy and industrial protection related performance.
  • We ensure adherence to this policy with regular assessment. We initiate appropriate corrections if deviations occur.
  • We manage in a goal-oriented manner, provide information promptly and comprehensively and assign tasks and decision-making power to each employee and check their fulfilment.
  • Every employee contributes to the constant improvement of business processes through dedication, knowledge and personal ideas.
  • We place great value on the information and ongoing qualification of our employees who cooperate in an open, constructive and motivated environment.
  • The uppermost goal of our thinking and acting is achieving the highest customer satisfaction. The necessary resources are provided to achieve these goals.