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Wire and wire-mesh plating


Industrial electronics

Exact control of production processes can be guaranteed only with reliable electronics. Active and passive electronic components can be found in every modern machine or control system.

Lead-free solders are used everywhere by now and have replaced leaded solders. The same applies to the connecting wires of electronic components. Only military and aerospace applications still use wires that are coated with tin/lead solders (Sn/Pb).

In galvanic coatings with pure tin, the risk of the whisker formation is very high; however, Edelhoff has developed individual solutions together with customers. The nickel barrier layer works well but can lead to tin spattering during welding. Hot dip tinning / fuzing excellently suppresses whiskers. We have combined the advantages of galvanic tinning and hot dip tinning with our DC tinning for specific applications. The coating can also consist of a combination of tin, tin alloys, nickel, copper, silver, gold and palladium.
Solderability and weldability are important parameters for each individual wire.