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Wire and wire-mesh plating




Electroplating offers a broad range of surface coatings and procedural solutions.

  • precise thickness tolerances across the entire run length
  • absolutely concentric coating distribution
  • large selection of coating materials
  • single and multiple coating (barrier layer technology)
  • high whisker protection through the DC (double-coating) procedure for pure tin coatings developed by EDELHOFF
  • subsequent fusing of matte tin (reflow method) possible
  • additional tin modifications

Dimensional ranges:

  • Round wires Ø 0.05–2.50 mm
  • Profile wires up to approx. 3 mm²

Hot-dip tinning

This well-known and proven procedure is still used for many applications because of its many advantages.

  • applicable for the finishing with tin and tin alloys
  • coating directly from the molten state
  • spontaneous formation of an intermetallic phase
  • thus very high protection against whiskers
  • high resistance against discolourations with increased processing temperatures
  • relatively high abrasion resistance

Dimensional ranges:

  • Ø 0.05–2.50 mm with standard tinning “FDV”
  • Ø 0.10–0.80 mm with nearly concentric coating distribution “FOV”