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Wire and wire-mesh plating


Surface modification

Tinned surfaces are standard for many applications surrounding the subject of solderability. Just as varied as the manner of processing are hereby also the requirements for appearance, functionality or resistance of the coating. The modifications of our tin surfaces are appropriately multi-faceted.

matte galvanic coating with low organic additives, very good solderability
calibrated shiny, mechanically smoothed matte tin
fused shiny, fused matte tin, increased abrasion resistance, high whisker protection
fused TH (Tin Hardness) high abrasion resistance through harder surface
TT (Thermal Tin) high temperature resistance, i.e. only little or no discolouration woth strong temperature load
shiny gloss electrolyte separated coating
Protect tarnish protection for silver-plated surfaces and for not metal coated copper and copper alloys