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Shape memory alloys

Smart wire for smart products

  • by using the shape memory effect
  • in the form of wire components
  • multifunctional use (actuator, sensor, attenuator)
  • easy to integrate

Potentials of shape memory alloys!

  • Shape memory alloys (SMA) belong to the group of smart materials
  • SMAs are high-tech materials that can be used both as sensors and actuators
  • SMA have two main effects, the mechanical (spring / damping elements) and the thermal effect (actuators / fasteners)
  • SMA enable new products, processes and services
  • SMA enable the optimization of products in terms of weight, EMC, installation space or noise
  • SMA enable new types of construction (e.g. plastic integration)
  • SMA enable new assembly and disassembly strategies
  • SMA enable intelligent diagnostic functions
  • SMA enable plagiarism protection systems using material coding