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1760 Company foundation

The company was founded in 1760 by the wire drawer family Giese. Today, the company Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff is the oldest one in Iserlohn.

1899 Purchase of the company by the Edelhoff family

Sale of the company to Friedrich Edelhoff & Sohn
“Diedrich Giese Nachf. Friedrich Edelhoff & Sohn“ was the first corporate name of the Edelhoff family

Friedrich Edelhoff had outstanding manual skills as one of his references reported.

His son Adolf must have had the same skills, because in 1902 he was already on his own; his father, Friedrich Edelhoff, died already three years after purchasing the company. Adolf and his wife Berta operated the wire-drawing company together with three employees; but the company still held its own as specialization and quality were already hallmarks of the Edelhoff company at that time.

1910 Production of copper spinning wires

Edelhoff started early on to deal with the production of copper spinning wires for the musical industry. Manufacturers of grand pianos and upright pianos started using DEGEN wires at that time, a brand that has lasted to this day.

1910 – 1933 Expansion of the company

The First World War was a turning point in the company’s development.
It is confirmed in numerous building permits and other documents that intense construction activities started in the years after the First World War. The Golden Twenties then also started for the company Edelhoff. Until 1923, the factory building was rebuilt, a residential house constructed and expansion rooms created, among others.

The Great Depression of 1930 didn’t stop with Edelhoff and nearly paralysed production. But a few years later already, the course was set for a new production structure.
Edelhoff took that step from wire drawing to processing. This development was started significantly by Adolf Edelhoff Junior.

1932, the company Carl Heinze & Co, Mechanische  Drahtwebefabrik, Saalfeld (Thuringia) was purchased, and its entire mechanical engineering department moved to Iserlohn.

1933 Establishment of a wire hot-dip tinning department

This year marked the beginning of Edelhoff hot-dip tinning.
Tinned copper wires for cables and antenna wires, connecting wires for electrical components – those were the new products of that time because of the emerging radio industry.
The war years 1939 – 1945 were a major watershed for the company.



1948 Change of company name, start of the electronic wire production

In 1948, the name was changed to today’s corporate name
"Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff".
With the general boom of the fifties, Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff gained a foothold again and proved itself with its products on the growing market. The emerging television and the developing electronics always offered new challenges and thus fields of operation.
The seventies were a true heyday for Edelhoff as well. The company continued to grow, the building capacity at the old location was soon used up.
The time had come for additional changes, changes that the now 75 year old company boss Adolf Edelhoff no longer wanted to implement himself.



1978 Change of partners – purchase of the company by Mr. Peter Diehl

Mr. Peter Diehl took over the tradition-steeped company Edelhoff in 1978 in order to continue it as a future-oriented family business.
Future-orientation, technology orientation – for the wire coating company Edelhoff  that meant:
Moving toward galvanic wire coating.

In 1979 already, a first wire flow through system to zinc-electroplate copper wire was designed and built. Hot-dip tinned wire and galvanically coated wire – both coating systems have some merit. Back then as well as today, new development of products, together with customers.
Supplier and customer - both were on their path to specialisation back then already. The technical solutions quite often turned into technical standards and thus the basis for mass production.

1989 Relocation of the production location within Iserlohn

Relocation to the new complex, in which Edelhoff is present even today. Over an expanse of 25,500 sqm, there are 5 halls with about 10,000 sqm of production area which provides adequate spatial possibilities to run the production efficiently and with proper logistics.

In addition to the electronic range of products, other product lines have been successively setup, some of which are patented. The ISO certification process has also been launched.

2005 Coating wires with noble metals

Expansion of the coating range to include noble metal coatings such as silver and gold, extended to palladium in the meantime.

2009 Production of solar wires

In the sector of hot-dip galvanising, various alloys of tin were added including tin-silver, tin-bismuth and tin-indium. These products are sold under the trademark Cell Wire.

2014 Use of AGXX® - Technology

Based on the existing expertise in the field of wire coating, technical/market expansion was carried out in 2014 to include the production of wire-fabric coating. Acquiring a license to use the AGXX® - technology paved the way for producing and marketing specially coated fabric having antimicrobial properties.

2015 Market launch of ae-aqua products

Such antimicrobial coated fabrics are used both in the industrial as well as in the private sector. Edelhoff focuses on applications related to water, be it process or drinking water. These products are sold under the brand ae-aqua, because ultimately, the use of AGXX® - Technology enables us to do away with the use of additional chemicals in more and more applications.